Result of the resistance fighters' desire to pass on the history of the Resistance and the Deportation of Picardy to younger generations, a museum was inaugurated in 1986 in Picardy.


Hiking trails

2 courses: 2, 5 km and 4.5 km (all public) Discover the flora and fauna with the two hiking trails "The gravel pits and the channels of the Frette" Departing from La Frette.


Audio guide - railway town

The audio guide “Raoul Dautry: town planning with a human face” allows you to discover part of the Ternois heritage in a fun way. It was imagined and produced in collaboration with the Ze Visit agency and the ADRT of l'Aisne. It is available in three languages.


Memory trails

The Second World War reached the territory of the Aisne in its flesh. While the last witnesses are fading, the Sentiers de la Mémoire 39-45 inscribe in the landscape of the Community of Communes Chauny - Tergnier, the memory of an entire generation. They will lead you to discover the facts and gestures of those who for some, made the sacrifice of their life, so that a word finds all its meaning: Freedom.


Coucy Castle

In 1214, Enguerrand III de Coucy took part in the victory of the Battle of Bouvines, near Lille, the first major European battle and cement of the nascent national feeling. In the 14th century, Enguerrand VII de Coucy, a great diplomat, turned it into a sumptuous palace.


Saint-Gobain Forest

The forest is spread out over a plateau notched with quarries and dotted here and there with ponds. The rocky outcrops alternate between Lutétien limestone, Saint-Gobain clays, Beauchamps sands and Cuise sands. Its relief is sometimes composed of limestone mounds and sometimes of humid and acid depressions.


Franco-American Museum

It is a brand new Franco-American museum that opened in 2017, a considerably enlarged building, spaces with modern architecture, largely open to the surrounding landscape and a careful museography. The two wings, formerly separate, are now joined by a large glass hall and rooms in the basement, incorporating the archaeological remains discovered during excavations, have made it possible to double the exhibition area.


"Le chemin des dames"

"Le Chemin des Dames" or RD 18 CD is a French departmental road in the Aisne department between Laon, Soissons and Reims, France. The Chemin des Dames has become part of collective memory for having been the scene of several deadly battles of the First World War.


Art deco Saint-Quentin

Art Deco is not just an architectural style. Driven by a new trend of seeking technological progress, luxury and performance in all fields, Art Deco has established itself for a long time as a real lifestyle.